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2017 California Export Guide



id you know that the U.S. government offers trade and

financing resources to help your business export? Three

premier federal agencies, with offices nationwide, can

help you with all of your exporting goals: The U.S. Depart-

ment of Commerce (DOC), t

he Small Business Administration

(SBA) and the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM Bank).

• The DOC can help yo

u locate new international markets


sell your products an

d identify key buyers

in your existing

or newmarkets. The DOC’

s Gold Key matching service


tually takes you overseas to meet face-to-face with poten-

tial distributors and buyers.

• Th

e SBA offers guarantees t

o your lender that makes loans

to you for your export-related needs. Their loan guarantees

support purchase order financing as well as the purchase of

fixed assets to manufacture your export products. The SBA’s

Export Express p

roduct allows you the flexibility of using the

funds for any export development activity you need.

• EXIM Bank provides you with the financial tools you need

to help you grow your export business while minimizing

your risks. Many companies use EXIM Bank’s Export Credit Insurance policies not only as protection against buyer non-payment but also as a marketing tool to extend open

account terms to attract new customers and increase sales

to existing ones. Insuring your foreign receivables also al-

lows you to use them as eligible collateral with your lender.

EXIM Bank also offer

s Working Capital Guarantees t

o your

lender, which provide a loan for your export financing needs.

These may include purchasing a finished U.S. product for

export, the rawmaterials used in manufacturing your product

or opening a standby Letter of Credit needed as

a performance

bond. EXIM Bank provide

s foreign buyer financing

too. Your

sales of capital equipment can be supported with credit insur-

ance allowing you to assign the receivable to a U.S. lender who

will cash you out soon after your product ships.

Did you know that EXIM Bank supports

service exports


well as product exports? If you are a service provider, such as an

accounting firm, an engineering firm, an architectural firm, or

a freight forwarder which invoices your foreign buyers directly,

EXIM can help you.

Contact David Josephson, Managing Director,

Western region, for EXIM Bank at

or by calling 949-660-0726.

Federal Government Provides Support for

U.S. Small Business Exporters

By David Josephson


ynTouch LLC, a Los

Angeles-based manu-

facturer of tactile sensing

solutions for industrial

and medical applications,

has been rapidly expand-

ing worldwide thanks to

a combination of cutting

edge technology and a

solid business model.

The company’s biomi-

metic system reproduces

both the mechanical prop-

erties and sensory modali-

ties of human fingertips.

This has facilitated the

development of prosthetic

hands and personal as-

sistive robotic arms that

provide human-like tactile

awareness, perception and


The manufacturing costs

to fulfill orders for SynTouch

is extremely high, making it

essential for the company

to ensure payment from

buyers in global markets.

The company already has

customers in 14 countries,

and expects to expand into

new markets in 2017.

“We purchased Express

Insurance from EXIM to

protect against losses due

to commercial/political

risks,” says Gerald E. Loeb,

M.D., the company’s chief

executive officer. “It covers

95 percent of invoice sales

to customers overseas.

Instead of losing sleep over

whether we’ll get paid, our

engineers can focus on

developing new uses

for our groundbreaking

technology, and help us

continue to grow.”

Case Study:

California Exporter Touches theWorld