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2017 California Export Guide

MetroConnect is a comprehensive

export assistance program helping

San Diego companies in their

plans to go global.

Learn more about 2017 applications at


riends, Romans, International Traders:

International trade and investment are

critical components for California’s eco-

nomic growth, and an important engine

for creating jobs. California is the fourth largest

economy in the world, and ranks second in the

United States for the exports of goods, with an

estimated value of $165 billion.

In 2015, more than 75,000 companies

exported from California, supporting over 775,000 jobs.

Withmore than 95 percent of the world’s population and 80%

of the world’s purchasing power outside of the United States, a

wide range of government agencies and private sector organiza-

tions are working to expand international trade and investment.

Moreover, the state of California has developed what it calls a

“holistic approach” to expanding international trade and invest-

ment. The state’s plan includes securing California’s economic

future and sustainable growth through economic-related agen-

cies and organizations, as well as education and tax policies.

California leads the nation in attracting Foreign Direct Invest-

ment (FDI). But continued growth in FDI and exporting will

require maximizing existing state, federal and private sector

resources, and implementing new trade- and investment-

related initiatives.

To that end, the California Export Guide

partnership between the Center for Interna-

tional Business Education and Research

(CIBER) at San Diego State University and

ThinkGlobal Inc., adds a new statewide inter-

national trade resource for exporters.

The California Export Guide, published in

English and Spanish, is a valuable informa-

tion resource for potential foreign investors in

California, new exporters, and for experienced

exporters looking to expand into newmarkets.

The articles and resources in the guide provide an excellent

starting point for exporters seeking expertise in everything from

shipping and logistics to trade finance and international law.

Please give us your feedback for future editions, and share

and link to the electronic editions, which are online at



Greg Sandler, Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

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