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2017 California Export Guide

Helping Business in a Global Economy

• Web portals compiling information about

California’s top trading partners

• Trade policy issues

• Links to global resources

• FAQs and more

• Sign up for weekly Trade Update


The only statewide business organization continually

devoted to promoting international trade and exports.


ecognizing the importance of exports to the U.S. and state

economies, the California Chamber of Commerce works

to shape policy positions that will have a positive impact

on trade opportunities for California companies doing

business abroad.

California ranks among the 10 largest economies in the

world with a gross state product of more than $2 trillion.

Perennially one of the nation’s top exporting states, Califor-

nia trades with approximately 225 foreign markets. The more

than $165 billion of state exports in 2015 accounted for about

9% of total U.S. exports, according to the U.S. Department

of Commerce.

Together with local chambers of commerce, and numerous

state organizations and companies, the CalChamber works to

ensure fair and equitable market access for California manu-

factured and agricultural products, and



and advocate on state and federal legislative issues, as well as

multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations affecting exports

and investment.

Knowing that California’s two-way international trade

translates into high-paying jobs for more than 1 million

Californians, the chamber also serves as a clearinghouse of

information on international trade.


website fea-

tures portals dedicated to Califor-

nia’s top trading partners—Mexico,

Canada, China, Japan and Hong

Kong—plus other regions. Each

year, the chamber sponsors or

co-sponsors trade and investment

missions, educational programs

and conferences.

The chamber also facilitates

access to export assistance from

trade specialists at the California

Centers for International Trade

Development, the U.S. Export Assistance Centers, and the

Small Business Development Center network.

Our collaborative efforts help ensure that California compa-

nies stay competitive in the complex and ever-changing world


Susanne T. Stirling is Vice President, International Affairs

at the California Chamber of Commerce. More information

available online at

Global California:

Statewide Network Promotes Exports, Offers Assistance

By Susanne T. Stirling

Susanne T. Stirling